Kensington Escorts

Kensington Escorts

There has been a debate as to the top locations in London since the dawn of time at least that is how things seem to have been. If you spend anytime in the capital you will soon be aware that there is a great rivalry between the north and south with the east and west never slow in coming forward an putting the other two in their place. If you are a spectator on the outside you can just sit back enjoy the sceptical and take advantage of all the great places there are to visit in the north, south, west and east of London. The bottom line is that London is a great city and you should all be out there making the most of it. A word of advice look up the Kensington escorts and find out just what heaven should be like, you see the sexy girls at Kensington escorts are the most fun to be had in London town and you can be sure there will be no argument from the guys in the north, south, east and especially the west. When it comes to hot women that is something that all men can agree on they are to be sought and indulged in.

Kensington Escorts is where you will find the biggest and largest collection of sensational girls. For example if you are looking for a slim busty lady to spend time with make your choice and get the party started. You can be sure of spending quality time in the company of a sophisticated and sensual lady. We at Cheap London escorts to GO also like to point you in the direction of one or two places in which to have a special time with your lady. The first place we would like to recommend and a big favourite with Kensington escorts, is a great American joint called Dirty Bones and you will find it at 20 Kensington Church Street W8 4EP. For fans of triple D on TV this would be described as a very upmarket dive come diner. That is not say that it is cheap because this place is far from cheap. It shouts retro cool that will wrap you and your sexy girl from Kensington escorts in a vibrant atmosphere which you cannot fail to enjoy. There are pinball machines, party music, low lighting, vintage record player and old game consoles quite a mix I am sure you will agree. Nearly as varied as the stunning women who are Kensington escorts.

The menu is not long but as Kensington escorts point out it is quality and you will enjoy just about everything on it if you are into diner food. The hot dogs are top of the tree and certainly what you should go for and we would suggest that you try the Mexican topping. The sexy stunners from Kensington escorts love the chicken and mac and cheese as a side has to be the way to go. So take our advice pick a hot date, how about an exotic Asian lady who can introduce you to a whole new world, jump in a cab and head to Dirty Bones. Must not forget to point you and your companion from Kensington escorts to the dessert menu and just for the moment I’m talking about the food. Do not miss out on the Chunky chocolate cookie with ice cream believe me your date will love it and certainly owe you a favour or two as a result.

As if that was not enough great food a sexy girl from Kensington escorts there is a cocktail menu that just has to be worked through. This is a cool and fun place and will also hit the spot and just the venue to kick of a hot date. How thing progress from there is up to you but one thing is sure the night will be one to remember. You see the fabulous collection of winning sexy girls from Kensington escorts are the best in London. We believe in providing you with quality, variety, choice and new arrivals. In short you will never be disappointed and many have said there are not enough hours in the day to enjoy all that is on offer.


Cheap Kensington Escorts

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Kensington Escorts


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