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embankment escorts

It is often said that the River Thames is the heart beat of London and is often referred to as Old Father Thames. It is certainly true to say that there is so much going on in and around the length of this great waterway. A popular place at which to start a visit to the Thames has always been the Embankment in the centre of the capital. This also just happens to be where you will find the stunning and sexy girls who are Embankment escorts I guess this is just your lucky day. The river is one thing but a date with the hottest girls who are escorts in Embankment is where you will find the real excitement. Once at this destination you will be right alongside the river and it really is a good place to start your visit and once you have exhausted the possibilities of the Thames there is so much more to be enjoyed which brings us back to the sensational girls who are Embankment escorts.

Let’s us now take a look at Embankment and the surrounding area. First of all at the centre is the tube station that makes it very accessible. Once you have taken in the river Thames pass through the second station exit that leads you to the Strand. As you exit the station this way you will see a fine park on your right and this is a lovely spot to kick back and chill especially in the summer. There are often events staged in the bandstand and they are of course best enjoyed in the company of a fabulous filly from cheap escorts in Embankment. When the weather is fine you can also enjoy a fine alfresco lunch in the park as there are many good take away restaurants around the station. You will be able to everything from German sausages to sushi. Let you stunning date from Embankment escorts guide you and just enjoy the attention.

As you make your way up past the park on your left and make your way to the Strand you will notice a bar on the edge of the park which is always worth popping into for a quick one. You will certainly capture the attention of the guys in the crowd when you turn up with your sexy companion from Embankment escorts. Why not order a bottle of champagne and enjoy the attention and the views of the park. As we head for the Strand you will pass a number of good restaurants and welcoming pubs. It is fair to say that this is a popular haunt for tourists but with so many offices in the area there are also large numbers of people who work in the area kicking back in the evening. This mix of people gives the Embankment a good atmosphere and one to be enjoyed with a hot date from Embankment escorts. So take your time and take in as many of these exciting places as you can.

Once you reach the Strand you will notice Charing Cross station on your left highlighting just what a transport hub this is. This also means that this is always a busy part of the capital and you have to say that the Embankment escorts are another reason there are so many guys with smiles on their face. London is very much welcoming you at this point as you can just about head anywhere from this location. If you look to your right you could head down to Fleet Street and take in the history of newspapers and broadcasting as you do so. Then to your right Trafalgar Square is just a short walk away. As the girls who are escorts in Embankment point out the square is not just of historical importance it is now a venue for many festivals and live events. London really is a great place for live entertainment which is always so much more fun if you are in the company of a stunning lady from Embankment escorts. So there we have it a location that is the gateway to your Thames adventure and so much more of London besides. But best of all this is where we can indulge in the sensational Embankment escorts.

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