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hammersmith escorts

We have already touched on the music heritage of Hammersmith but it also has a great sporting tradition. This part of town claims both Chelsea and QPR as their football team and for this season at least two Premiership football clubs. When it comes to Premiership girls there is only one group who can claim to be of that standard and they of course are the sensational Hammersmith escorts. These sexy girls are as good as it gets and if you have not yet enjoyed the many experiences they offer make today the day that you put that right. We will stick with football as we run through the sporting links that Hammersmith enjoys and draw your attention to the fact that Stuart Pearce is from the area as are both Marcus Bent and Lee Crook. We know that a lot of guys really enjoy hooking up with a stunning girl from Hammersmith escort and heading to the pub for lunch and onto a game at either Chelsea or QPR. It is a great afternoon out and once the match is over the evening is still young and so much more fun to be had. The great thing is you can take your time enjoy the lovely ladies company safe in the knowledge that you are onto a sure thing and that means you should just relax and go with the flow. You have to admit that that really does sound like a great afternoon and evening in and around London and just take London service escorts advice and make sure you get down to everything with a sexy girl from Hammersmith escorts.

Sticking with the sports theme there is a well-established rugby club that throws great parties and of course you will find Queens Club a famous tennis club. It stages a tournament just before Wimbledon and you should always attend this fine summer social event with a beautiful woman and that is where Hammersmith escorts always come in. Just imagine it a sunny day, champagne, strawberries and of course top class tennis. Who would have thought there was so much in Hammersmith so much more than a flyover. When it comes to a party boxers have always been good at leading the way so no great surprise to learn that both Joe Calzaghe and Frank Bruno were born in Hammersmith. If you have never been to a night of boxing action then you have certainly missed out and you should look around the capital for the next world class boxing event. It is always a real occasion and always attracts the great and the good and the beautiful people. That is why you have to make sure that you turn up with a hot date from Hammersmith escorts on your arm. It will be great fun being the centre of attention and that is before you hit the after party. All in all so much fun to be had in London and west London in particular and much of it is down to the talents of the wonderful women who are Hammersmith escorts.

With so much to enjoy in and around Hammersmith whether it be a lunch and drink at a riverside pub, a night out at a cultural venue, a sporting event which might just be a game at Chelsea or it could be a world class gig the great thing is you can maximise the enjoyment at all these happening in the company of a lovely lady from Hammersmith escorts. We are after all talking about the sexiest girls in London and they are all about having fun and keeping the party going. It would be wrong of us not to mention probably the most famous sporting event to happen in this part of town and that of course is The Boat Race. This is not just a sporting event it is a major social occasion with the party starting in the morning and running late into the night. The eyes of the world are on Hammersmith on this day but the lucky ones only have eyes for the sexy Hammersmith escorts. Sexy girls a party and a world class sporting event sounds like fun.

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